Best Reasons to Hire a Wedding Disc Jockey

Best Reasons to Hire a Wedding Disc Jockey

No wedding would be complete without music, therefore every couple must decide whether to hire a live band or a wedding disc jockey. There are certainly benefits to both options, but for most weddings, hiring a professional DJ is a much more practical choice. Here are a few of the best reasons to hire a DJ for your wedding:

Affordability – Since you are only paying for one person to provide all of your musical entertainment, it stands to reason that you would be spending a whole lot less on a DJ than you would an entire band. But what you may not know is that no matter where you live or how small your budget, you can find a fantastic wedding DJ at a price you can afford thanks to the vast pool of talent available at popular agency websites. A simple Google search will yield a terrific selection of agencies that will allow you to search for your DJ with a specific location and price point in mind.

Better Service – On top of reading the crowd and knowing which music to play to keep everyone out on the dance floor, a DJ can provide many additional services that a band cannot. Many DJs will serve as emcees, announcing the wedding party as they arrive, providing toasts and narrating slide show presentations if need be. Some will even add a visual dimension to their performance with the help of LED lights, disco balls, etc. DJs can take requests from your guests, know which one’s to spin and which are best declined with a polite “if time permits.”

Continuous Entertainment – Unlike a band, a DJ can take breaks from time to time without having to stop the music. Plus, they are not limited in the number of songs they can play. DJs come prepared with extensive music catalogues and if you provide them with any special requests ahead of time, they will have no problem adding them to the playlist. Should there be any kind of equipment failure, a DJ will often bring backup equipment that is fully wired and ready to go so silence never spoils the fun.

On top of these great benefits, possibly the best reason to hire a wedding disc jockey is the peace of mind you’ll get just knowing your wedding reception’s entertainment is 100% taken care of, leaving you the freedom to focus on making unforgettable memories with your family and friends!

Hiring the Best Wedding DJ on a Budget

Money Saving Tips: Hiring the Best DJ on a Budget

When you’re planning an event with a strict budget, it’s easy to get discouraged into thinking you have to settle for less, especially when it comes to entertainment. But you don’t have to sacrifice great entertainment just because you’re working with limited funds. One of the simplest and best ways to still get great entertainment at an affordable price is to hire a professional DJ. Today’s disc jockey’s are not just there to play music, they can provide many services like uplighting, game hosting, slide show and video narration, giving toasts and introductions, delivering full presentations and providing photo booths for a more fun, interactive experience. No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, a professional disc jockey can create an entertainment package that fits both your needs and your budget. Here are some tips to help you hire the best:

Tip #1 – Know Your Event Inside and Out – Not only do you need to know the type of event you’re hosting, how formal it will be and what entertainment services you require, you’ll also need to factor in the size of the venue and how much of that space the DJ will have to work with, the number of electrical outlets that will be available to them, the lighting, the number of guests who will be attending and the basic demographics of your guests like what age group do most of them fall into, what language do the majority of them speak, etc. These may seem like trivial details, but they will help you find the perfect DJ and avoid incurring additional expenses on the day of the event for things previously unaccounted for.


Tip #2 – Consult Talent Agencies Online – While it’s certainly helpful to take recommendations from friends and colleagues who’ve hosted similar events, the only way to truly ensure you are getting a professional and not an amateur buddy of theirs who dabbles in deejaying is to hire through a reputable talent agency. A quick Google search will pull up an extensive list of agencies representing DJs in your area, but stick to the agencies on the first one or two pages where you’re sure to find out the most reliable and experienced talent. The beauty part about searching for disc jockeys online is that you can review and compare their skill sets, performance history and prices without having to contact each and every one of them directly.

Tip #3 – Interview Prospects, Get Quotes and Negotiate – Choose at least three disc jockeys from your research and arrange to meet them face to face as you’re more likely to get a true sense of their character and reliability when you interview them in person. Ask for written quotes from each prospect and negotiate when necessary. Perhaps the DJ is willing to lower their price if you provide them with food and drinks or offer to reimburse them for their gas. Sometimes the more hours you need them, the more likely they’d be willing to lower their regular hourly rate. It’s worth your time to negotiate a little when you have multiple prospects.

No matter what agency you choose, rest assured, there is always great talent available to fit your budget and the further ahead you hire your DJ, the better prospects you’ll have and the better deal you’ll score.